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Mini office with discount of web hosting service, Timemini storage is your perfect choice.
CPU Report#196 (15, Aug, 2009)

Timemini storage always do her best to help citizen solve the problems of overcrowding with home and office when she was set up in five years ago. with favorable price and high quality warehousing environment, in the same industry is well known. Timemini storage has Kwun Tong Mai Tak warehouse, Kwun Tong Selwyn Locker, Kwun Tong Wing Hing warehouse, Kwai Chung Mercantile warehouse, Mercantile Locker, Kwai Chung Song Ling warehouse, Song Ling Locker, Kwai Chung Koon Woo warehouse and so on. There are our own property, you can use it safety. Whole warehouses have 24-hour closed-circuit television monitoring system, dehumidification equipment and fire prevention facilities. Every building has a large parking area and the delivery of goods lift to facilitate loading and unloading. Timemini storage rental procedures are quick and easy, using one touch smart card, you could easily free access to mini-warehouses.  Customers purchase and lock, protect your privacy well. Make appointment with us advance, we also provide free service of further look with you. Let you know more about us. Customers of Timemini storage, prepay half year having discount with 5% off, prepay one year having discount with 10% off.

Timemini storage also provides the service of mini office for who making business or need some place to working by themselves. The existing office buildings in Kwai Chung Song Ling, Kwun Tong Wing Hing office, are also added, Kwun Tong Selwyn office with new decoration. Selwyn Office is warmly welcome by customer since its launch. In a month, it has leased more than half. To thanks for customer support, Timemini give you more discounts. If you rental Timemini storage of mini office, you could use the web hosting service in Newsbook with half price. A limited number of office in Selwyn, quickly come and make a applications!

If customers have any questions about the above, please call the Timemini storage hotline: 2156 1988 queries or browsing Web site: see details on the service.

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