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Timemini storage launch new discount

Express game reports # 142(10,July, 2009)

Timemini storage has high rental rate. Now we add new warehouse in room E, 1F, Selwyn to response customers’ demand. Timemini storage provides all kinds of rental service of warehouse since its establishment. Timemini do her best to help citizens solve problems of overcrowding with home and office. In these years, Timemini has seven warehouses in these following: Kwun Tong Mak Tai warehouse, Kwun Tong Wing Hing warehouse, Kwun Tong Selwyn warehouse 1 and 2, Kwai Chung Kung Woo warehouse, Kwai Chung Mercantile warehouse and Kwai Chung Song Ling warehouse and so on. Timemini storage provides different kinds services of mini office, family storage, files storage, business storage, Workshop, mini warehouse and short-term mini-storage. Whole mini-storage are equipped with closed-circuit video and on-line monitoring systems, smart card, and we also introduce the most advanced security systems of fingerprint, even provides comprehensive management and security services, let customer set their heart at rest. Moreover, you could access free in 24 hour. The rental payment is in months, needn’t to sign a longtime contract.
Really value price of warehouse is only one. It’s Timemini storage. HK$200, you could have one warehouse. And we usually launch new discounts, giving more value price for you.

From now on, hiring new warehouse, customer enjoy discount with 20% off. We hope that customer could use a good storage with low price. Help you to solve things overcrowding problems.
Besides the promotion period now is 20% off, prepay half year is 5% off, and prepay one year is 10% off. It’s very valuable.

If customers have any questions about the above, please call the Timemini storage hotline: 2156 1988 queries or browsing Web site: see details on the service.
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